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Gambling In New Zealand Down Eleven Percent In March

New Zealand is no different than other countries when it comes to gambling trends. The country experienced a drop in revenue in the March quarter of eleven percent.

A number of factors could be used in determining why the numbers have decreased. The hot summer is what most people are pointing towards, claiming people did not want to go out in the heat.

One group that was highly appreciative of the drop in gambling was the Problem Gambling Foundation. They are pleased to see that people are choosing to stay away from gambling.

“Whatever the reason, it is great news. If this becomes a trend we will soon see the pokie trusts packing their bags and slinking out of town,” said Chief Executive of the Foundation, John Stansfield.

The government is taking a harder stance on gambling in the area, and the effect of their harsher stance could be the decrease in gambling. The Foundation has also been working to supply information about the dangers of gambling.

Their efforts may finally be paying off. With gas and food prices rising, people also have less money to spend on leisurely activities such as gambling.

More Unionization Could Be Coming To Foxwoods Casino

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Unions are becoming more and more prevalent when it comes to casino workers. For years, workers have been at the mercy of casino owners, but recently, that has begun to change.

A vote is set for today by maintenance workers, electricians, carpenters, and others, that will decide whether or not these groups will join the International Union of Operating Engineers. The workers are from the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut.

This is not the first time that union representation has come up at the casino. Back in November, dealers and table game operators voted to join the United Auto Workers Union.

That vote is being challenged in court, with both sides flinging allegations at the other. The casino feels the vote was done inappropriately, while the union claims that people were persuaded by the casino to vote against the union.

The casino’s owners, the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, has contested the vote for the dealers to join the union. So far, the vote has not been overturned and the Auto Workers Union has already gone to work for the dealers.

The trend of joining unions has become a popular one at casinos around the United States. For years, workers have had to deal with whatever conditions the casinos they worked in set forth. Now, with the help of unions, they have already seen one of their main concerns, smoking, be eliminated in many of their workplaces.

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Foxwoods Casino Wins Latest Battle With Unions

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Foxwoods Resort Casino is beginning to have a major battle in their efforts to keep their workers from unionizing. After Thursday, the score now stands one for unions, one for Foxwoods.

The engineering department had their turn to vote on Thursday as to whether or not to unionize. The vote did not go the same way the last union vote went at the Foxwoods.

Engineers turned down the option of having union representation by a surprising large number. 215 workers voted against being unionized, while only 67 voted in favor. Foxwoods officials were pleased with the outcome.

“We are pleased with the vote of confidence that employees have given Foxwoods management today. Those team members displayed outstanding professionalism through the entire process and clearly agreed that having an intermediary come between us wasn’t necessary,” said Foxwoods President, Barry Cregan.

That is a bit different than the tune Foxwoods was singing back in November. When dealers voted to unionize, Foxwoods cried foul, and is still contesting the vote in court. When the vote went in their favor on Thursday, they amazingly had no problem with the process.

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 30 thought they had enough workers’ support that they could win in a vote, but they turned out to be overstating the amount of workers who actually wanted their representation.

Casinos Moving To Reward Programs For Frequent Gamblers

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Back in the days when Atlantic City and Las Vegas were the only options for gamblers in the United States, it was common for people who spend large sums of money to be compensated. Usually, those comps included free food and hotel rooms.

In today’s casino gambling, a much more sophisticated system is being used for comps. The system is ever evolving, and the gifts given are of higher quality.

Once again Atlantic City and Las Vegas is leading the charge, but smaller casinos in other areas of the country are catching on. No longer are just rooms and food acceptable to today’s gamblers.

People want to feel like they are receiving something for their money, even when they lose. Many casinos recognize this and have now gone to reward programs that actually have catalogs, with pages and pages of items to chose from.

A player accumulates points based on the amount of money they spend in a casino on the slot machines. Those points are kept track of on a card. When the player accumulates enough points for the item they want, they simply cash in their points.

The system runs similar to that of a frequent flyer program, except in this case, points are awarded on the amount of money spent in a particular casino. The Seminole Indians, and other casino operators that have several casinos in an area, have gamblers accumulating points at any of their locations.

The prizes range from small, to extremely big, say a vacation for two. The prizes are awarded based on how many points a player has. The higher the point total, the larger the prize.

With the economy in a tailspin, casinos are providing just a bit of relief for customers who spend their money at their facilities.

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Florida Lottery Sales Heating Up Leading Up To Wednesday’s Draw

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State lotteries rarely gather enough attention to compete with the top multi-state lotteries in the United States. The Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries tend to eat up the publicity.

Of course, this is mainly due to the jackpots that are being offered. The multi-state lotteries usually have at least one of their two jackpots up over $50 million. It takes a little longer for individual states to reach those numbers.

Florida is making a run at being the top jackpot in the nation this week. They are already the top jackpot for individual states. Their Florida Lotto game has a grand prize in the drawing upcoming on Wednesday of $30 million.

In addition to the high jackpot, gamblers can actually win more than that if they hit the grand prize. Florida now has three different levels of tickets that can be bought for the Lotto game.

Gamblers can play either one, two, or three dollars on each ticket. The payouts are $30 million for one dollar, $40 million for two, and $55 million for three. The game has been rolling over since the last time somebody won back on July 19th.

Texas is the only other state in the country that is close to Florida. Their top game, Lotto Texas, has a jackpot of $25 million. California is the only other state in the nation with a jackpot over $10 million. Theirs currently sits at $11 million.

MGM Grand Casino In Detroit Thrives While Others Falter

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The city of Detroit is not any different than others in the United Stats. Whether or not their Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, they still are dealing with tough economic times.

Their casinos are following a trend throughout the country of revenue loss. While two of their casinos had revenue figures decrease from July of 2007, MGM Grand Detroit saved the day by posting a revenue increase.

MotorCity Casino had a decrease of 7.26 percent from last year in July. Their revenue of $39.6 million was down from $42.7 million last year.

Greektown Casino experienced a much more drastic drop in revenue. Their $25.4 million dropped off 13.2 percent from July of 2007. The two casinos are following the national norm for casinos.

MGM did not have such problems. They took in $50.5 million in revenue, an increase of a whopping 22.25 percent. That increase is unusual at a time where the economy is hurting almost every casino in the country.

Fuel prices have been cited at many of these casinos as the reason for revenue decreases. People have also been losing their jobs which is resulting in less gamblers having the money to frequent these casinos.

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Florida Lottery

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Florida Lottery Gambling On More Pick Three And Four Draws

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With casino gambling becoming more prevalent in the United States, state lotteries are being forced to make moves to ensure they still compete for gamblers money. The Florida Lottery has come up with their solution to the problem.

Starting this past week, the Florida Lottery has expanded their Pick 3 and Pick 4 games to two draws daily. That means that gamblers will now have the option to try and hit the numbers at lunch time, then again after dinner.

If gamblers in the state played one dollar straight and one dollar box on both a Pick 3 and Pick 4 number for the week, it used to cost them $28. Now, to play it the same way, if they want to be in both draws, it will cost $56.

There is always the option of only picking one draw for gamblers. That would keep their cost down, but would also devastate people if their numbers came out on the other draw for the day.

This is just the latest money making move by the Florida Lottery. They already have unveiled a new plan to raise revenue through the Lotto game. Gamblers can now play $1, $2, or $3, on each of their lottery tickets. The more a gambler risks, the more they can play.

If not for Florida Governor Charlie Crist signing a deal with the Seminole Indians allowing expanded gambling in the state, this latest move by the lottery could be perceived as hypocritical.

While many politicians in the state are opposing Crist’s deal with the Seminoles, they do not have an issue with the latest gambling expansion of the lottery.

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